Sunday, July 6, 2014

11 K-Pop Male Idols Who Almost Debuted in Another Group

Behind the colorful and exciting glow of K-Pop, the road to stardom for many of your favorite idols has never been easy.  Although, I think these challenges, made them earn respect from fans all over the world and also seemed to have led them to their fated group. Here are some of the male idols I know who were supposed to be part of another team other than their current groups.

 B2ST Hyunseung - Bigbang 

 Block B Jaehyo - B2ST

 B2ST Doojoon - 2AM

Doojoon was part of Mnet's reality show called Hot Blooded Men (Ep.1). The program was like a documentary- reality search kind of show for the debut of JYP Entertainment's male idol groups 2AM and 2PM.

 N-Sonic Minki - B1A4

Fans said he was a WM Entertainment trainee and was supposed to debut as B1A4's leader. 

 Block B B-Bomb - Infinite

 A-Prince Woobin - BAP

If you check girl group Secret's music video for Starlight Moonlight (Link), Woobin is actually one of the boys in the background together with other BAP members. He also joined other BAP members as back up dancers during the promotion of the said song (Link).

 BAP Himchan - CNBlue

 C-Clown TK - BtoB

Before he became TK he was Lee Min Woo. He was set to debut as part of Cube Entertainment's new boy group, BtoB. He was one of the casts of JTBC's I Live in Cheongdamdong (Ep.11 BtoB cut) together with 4 current BtoB members Eungkwang, Minhyuk, Ilhoon and Hyunsik.

 BAP Youngjae - GOT7

Winner Minho -  Block B

Minho did not just train together with Block B members before, he actually already debuted as a member of the vocal group BOM before, together with 2 current BTL members Jisu and YuA. Even before he is already know for his impressive rapping skills. 

Top Dogg Nakta - VIXX

Nakta took part of the search of members for Jellyfish Entertainment's very first idol group later on called VIXX. The search was broadcasted as reality show on Mnet called Mydol. He was using his real name Yoonchul at that time. (Mydol Ep.1)

Do you think they are in the "right" groups already? Can you imagine them to part of other groups? I'm sure there are still many of them out there. If you know some please comment below. The K-Pop idols' community is relatively really small. Almost all idols know each other because they were co-trainees at the same company/ies before. Although they have to part ways to chase their dreams. 


  1. A-Prince Siyoon - A-JAX

  2. Can't imagine Himchan being part of CNBlue kkkk good he's part of BAP
    I can't see NAKTA being part of VIXX too

  3. SPEED Yuhwan - BigStar

  4. I love the photos that you took.

  5. OMG! Woobin was supposed to be part of BAP?

  6. lol they replaced a youngjae with a youngjae....kekeke

  7. Really, that is quite the number of beast stars, I really wonder how different they would of been without hyungseung. I think he is much better with them.


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  9. Kidoh from Topp Dogg and the rapper Iron. They're supposed to debut with BTS

  10. I don't think I knew that about Woobin.. That's pretty crazy.
    A-Prince, as a group, is so lovely and sweet, it's weird to imagine Woobin as a part of B.A.P doing songs like Warrior.