Saturday, April 27, 2013

BtoB and their second confession!

         First of all I wanna congratulate BtoB for their comeback! The concept I'm getting through their stage outfits and song is "Spring Flower Boys." Which is timely I guess since it's already spring in Korea. Although sooner or later in a blink it's gonna be summer. I also saw them weeks before their comeback at Lotte World backstage. The first one to greet me was Sungjae. Like always. Every time he sees me he'd stop by and greet properly like a younger brother. No air. Really humble. Even if they're in a hurry he would still stop. haha. He was very surprised because we haven't met for ages. Then I explained because they had no broadcast schedules so it was kinda hard to meet them. Well, now that they're back, I get to see them almost everyday though... we do have have small chit chats but we really have nothing to talk to. Hahaha Except for showing them the photos I took.

Anyway, just wanna share some interesting photos of their performance last time on Simply K-Pop Ep. 59. I put some one-two liner story descriptions. If you wanna have your own version please feel free to do so.
Minhyuk: You! Yes you! 

 Sungjae: You know I can shoot you this invisible cupid arrow 
if you won't accept my 2nd confession....and you'll still be mine! bwahaha

 Ilhoon: You! This is my 2nd confession. Stop playing hard to get!

 Eungkwang: Don't you dare reject my 2nd confession! Or else....huh

Peniel: Yo! You! This time around I'll make you
 accept my 2nd confession!

I am quite close to four members in this group, Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Sungjae and Peniel. Happen to worked with them before on other projects and for Peniel since he speaks English he was the first one I was able to talk to in the group. I have also suggested him to many English radio/TV shows as a host. The other members are also equally kind. If you ever have questions about BtoB members, maybe how they are backstage etc. please feel free to write them below this post. I'll try my best to answer...well if I know the answer too. LOL Check BtoB's performances on Arirang TV's Simply K-Pop! It's aired Tuesdays at 1pm (KST) and also re-aired in different time slots depending on your location. If you happen to be in Korea you can be part of the studio audience just visit the website and read the announcements Simply K-Pop

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Im Siwan is a dance breaker?

Yep you're not mistaken, you've seen it right DANCE BREAKER not breakdancer! LOL I remember my friend telling me how funny Im Siwan is when he dances. Wasn't so sure if I heard her right. She's talking about ZE:A and I know ZE:A has pretty difficult dance steps (well I can't dance so everything's difficult for me haha).  Apparently, Siwan's dancing skills made into headlines here in Korea's local entertainment news portals.
Three members of ZE:A's subunit ZE:A5 were special guests last week on Arirang TV's After School Club. Kevin, Siwan and Minwoo. Dongjun had another schedule while Hyunsik had minor injury so he had to rest. MCs Eric Nam and LED Apple's main vocal Hanbyul asked Siwan what he feels about it. And Siwan just smiled and was also really cool with it. He even said that he really is the dance breaker in the group. After that he danced PSY's latest single Gentlemen cracking up the staff and crew and the fans who were with us through Google Hangout. (Click to Join ASC’s Hangout)
If you were not able to see the pilot episode of Arirang TV's latest craze After School Club, you can check it on the shows Website's Video on Demand. You can also check the show's social media accounts: Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

You can also check this Related article for more information. I personally know Dongjun in this group but unfortunately he was not able to come during the recording. I've already met ZE:A many times before for interviews and other shows and they've always been down to earth. Kevin is also hosting a radio show in Arirang Radio called Hot Beat which is everyday from 12mn to 2am (KST).

This week's special guests on After School Club are MIB and Heo Youngsaeng!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vocal group 7942 CGSE Introduces New Member

It seems that Eungjoo will have to vacate his throne as the maknae of CGSE (7942) and become one of the hyungs. The new rightful owner of the maknae crown is now the new member named Alvin. He was officially introduced during the group's visit in Osaka, Japan last April 12-13th for a performance.

I am close friends with the members of this group ever since their debut last year. Although I haven't personally met Alvin yet Haenghun already told me about him. Alvin seems to have a very impressive record. He was born in 1992 (in Korea year of birth is one of the most common questions you'll get) and has studied in Singapore. Now he is currently a student at Kyunghee University (yes there are many celebrities at this school like Rain and Lee Hyori for example). He is also a multilingual person. Aside from Korean he could speak English and Vietnamese too. Impressive right?

For more about the new member you can follow his Twitter Alvin. Follow the rest of CGSE's Twitter accounts too Eungjoo, Haenghun, Jonghyun, Hoon and 7942 Official Facebook. The group just celebrated their 1st anniversary too so don't forget to send them your chukha tweets.