Friday, July 15, 2011

14th Boryeong Mud Festival (Event Invitation)

This year will be my third time to join the festival. Thanks to my friends you know who you are guys hehe I'm sure this will be fun!!!!

14th Boryeong Mud Festival 
Period: July 16 to July 24, 2011 (9days)
Place: Daecheon Beach
Official Website:

The website says these are the number to contact for interpretation services. I don't know if it works though. I remember my friend tried to use it but she didn't get any answer or something. That was last year though so it might work this time. hahaha.

There are many groups organizing trips going to the festival. I am not sure if it's a good idea to go with people you don't know but some of my friends did and they said it was fun and way cheaper^^. Going to Boryeong is a bit hard during the season since everything, train, bus, hotels, motels, minbaks etc are already booked. In my case I will be going with my friends who also went there last year. Anyway, here are some groups I know organizing the trip. I don't know anyone from these groups but I just saw it posted on my Facebook wall so might as well share.

SHITY (SHITY - Sunday Hikers Interested in Trekking Yet-again)
             (SHITTY Bus Trip) Boryeong Mud festival 2011 and Camping near beach.
(23th July (Sat) ~ 23th July(Sun))

If you are interested in Mud festival, please sign up ASAP to book a nice accommodation.
Day 1: July 23 (Sat) Mud festival or Chilgabsan hiking
( If you want to go hiking, you can do it!!)

Day 2: July 24 (Sun) Mud festival

With the motto, ‘Maximum Fun at Minimum Cost’, SHITY will provide transportation and accommodation at very reasonable cost.

: July 23 (Sat) ~ 24 (sun)

: July 23 (Sat)), 8am, Depart from Gyo Dae Station (Seoul Nat’l Univ of Education) line 2&3, Exit 8

: .75,000 won

1. Transportation: Chartered bus 2. Accommodation: Motel - each room will be shared by 4 people.
3. Meals: Meals are not included in the cost. Pay for what you eat in SHITY style
Dinner - BBQ - 10,000 won (Meat / vegetables / shrimps / beverage / beer / soju....

4.  Insurance: SHITY is not liable for any accidents incurred during the trip. Should you wish to get insurance, please send us your name, ID or ARC number, telephone number and address. Insurance cost is 2,500 Won/person.
C Tour

July 23 All Day Trip
July 24 All Day Trip

Depart Seoul: 7:00am (Hongik Univ. Station)
Depart Boryeong: 8:00pm
Fee: KRW 50,000 round trip
1pm - 5pm Mon-Fri

Terms and Conditions:
Please bring spare clothes for the trip back. Muddy passengers will not board.

I hope these information will help you!  See you at Boryeong Mud Festival! 

(The last 2 photos were taken from these 2 sites)

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