Friday, September 30, 2011

Bravo ASEAN in Korea 2011 (Event Invitation)

ASEAN-Korea Centre organizes "Bravo! ASEAN in Korea 2011",  a song and dance contest for ASEAN residents in Korea, to share diverse
cultures and fellowship among the people of ASEAN and Korea.

Please grab the opportunity to show your talents and win prizes!

For more details check!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

HANSAE Scholarship for foreign graduate students from Asia

A Korean major sewing company, Hansae Co., Ltd., is offering a scholarship opportunity for graduate international students from Asia.

The scholarship specifications are as follows:
Scholarship Eligibility
1. Graduate international students with nationalities from Asia (new enrolling students in Feb 2012 can also apply)
2. Fluency in Korean
3. No limitations on major fields of study
4. Students with intentions of accepting job offers from Hansae after graduation
Application Period: 9/26(Mon) ~ 10/09(Sun) until 24:00
Application Procedure
ㆍ 1st Step: Review of Submitted Documents
ㆍ 2nd Step: Interview
ㆍ Interview schedules will be announced individually after the review of documents.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Festival of Traditional Malaysia (Event Invitation)

For the first time, UMNO Club Korea in collaboration with Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia organize a Festival of Traditional (FETMA), located in Seoul Forest (서울숲). With the backdrop of Malaysian arts and culture, we want to present to all the people in Korea regardless of race or color to enliven the festival.

안녕하세요 여러분.처음으로, 한국에 있는 UMNO 클럽(Korea UMNO Club-KUK)은 관광 말레이시아(Tourism Malaysia)와 공동으로 말레이시아 전통의 축제(FETMA)를 개최합니다. 말레이시아 예술과 문화의 배경으로, 우리는 축제을 활성화하기 위해 상관없이 인종 또는 색상, 한국에있는 모든 사람에게 보여줄겁니다.

Buat julung kalinya,Kelab UMNO Korea dengan kerjasama Tourism Malaysia,menganjurkan Festival Tradisional Malaysia(FETMA) ,bertempat di Seoul Forest(서울숲). Berlatarbelakangkan kebudayaan dan kesenian Malaysia,kami ingin mempersembahkan kepada semua rakyat di Korea tidak mengira bangsa atau warna kulit bagi memeriahkan festival ini

10.00 오전 : 폐스티발 시작한다
10.15 : VIP’s 인사말
10.30 : 제1의 말레이시아 전통 춤 공연
10.45 : 사물놀이
11.00 : 전통 음식과 전통 놀리 부스 오프닝
12.00 오후 : Telematch
1.30 : 전통 음악 공연
2.00 : 제2의 말레이시아 전통 춤 공연
2.30 : 전통 옷 공연
3.00 : Lucky Draw 와 상품 수여식
4.00 : 폐막식

for more info please contact us at:
Kauthar 카우사 010-8389-1601

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


 To welcome 66th National Day 2/9 and 57 years of Liberation of Hanoi Capital City 10/10/1954 – 10/10/2011, Vietnamese Students’ Association in Korea officially announced “THE 7TH VIETNAMESE STUDENTS’ FESTIVAL IN KOREA”. The program is organized by the Embassy of Vietnam in South Korea, Vietnamese Students’ Association in Korea (VSAK) in collaboration with Korean Hanshin Corporation.

1. Purpose:
- This even is good opportunity for all Vietnamese students in Korea to meet, and celebrate our Student’s day.
- To create friendly relationships between Vietnamese Students in Universities in Korea
- To exchange the knowledge, and the achievement of our students in the year.
- For the first time, the program will include Cultural Food Festival, the opportunity for Students studying away from home to enjoy dishes from the home country of Vietnam.
- On this event, a VSAK fund will be released “Lighten up School” to support the students with difficulties.

2. Time: 09:30am-17:00pm, Sunday, 9th Oct 2011

3. Venue: KIST, Hwarangno 14-gil 5, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul 136-791, Korea

4. Program in plan:

4.1. Performance Competition:
- Addition to the annual activities, this year there will be a new point is that the performances will be scored as a competition by the Referee members from Vietnamese Embassy in Korea, the guests of Vietnam or foreign countries are knowledgeable about Vietnam Art.
- There will be many valuable prizes and rewards to the outstanding performer, there will be prizes for first, second, third and encouragement levels.
- For details and registration for this section, please contact Mr.Le Dai Duong, email:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dating Trends in Korea!

I don't know how girls decide on this..but 30 seconds? Wow! So it must be the physical appearance or what? Here's the article from entitled "Most Blind Dates Fix Fate Within 30 Seconds

Most Korean men and women decide whether they like a blind date within 30 seconds of meeting them, a recent straw poll shows.

Matchmaking company Baroyeon released a poll on Sunday of 500 single men and women who recently went on blind dates. It found that 63 percent of respondents believe 30 seconds is enough time to figure out if the other person is attractive and a prospective partner.

The trend was even more pronounced among women, with 72 percent agreeing that they could decide almost instantly and 18 percent saying they needed five minutes to assess their date. Only 8.4 percent replied that they needed several dates to make a fair judgment.

Just over half of the men surveyed, or 54 percent, said they know whether they like the partner or not in 30 seconds, and 26 percent needed five minutes.

However, men and women reacted differently once they decided the person was to their liking. Among men, 71.6 percent said they would commit to a relationship, whereas 77.6 percent of women said they would test the waters first and meet other people before making their mind up. / Sep. 22, 2011 07:39 KST

Another article tells us a new way of sogaeting (blind date) here in Korea. I want to know exactly where in Sinchon can we find this bar. The title is "New Dating Trend by Tab PC Catching On."

A new way of finding romantic matches using tablet PCs installed at a bar in Seoul is catching on as young people find that technology enables them to overcome their reluctance to approach strangers.

The bar, in Seoul's thriving Sinchon area, was crowded at 11 p.m. on Aug. 8 as customers, many of them university students, sat quietly hunched over the hi-tech tabs rating each other's on-screen images mentally and whispering to their friends.

The bar lends the digital hardware to each party of customers, who can communicate with people they take a shine to at other tables due to a special program that intra-links the tabs. They first talk on an instant messaging service, then move on to video chatting and finally, if all goes well, elect to share a table.

Customer feedback so far has been positive. A 22-year-old female college student who visits the bar two or three times a week said, "At ordinary bars, I'm reluctant to meet someone, because I can only judge them based on their looks, but this bar is great because we can talk before we meet." 

"This way of meeting people eases the social embarrassment of having to turn someone down," added the young lady, who has the surname Kim.

Meanwhile, the owner of the bar said business was booming as word-of-mouth spreads.

"We usually get about 20 tables shared by customers on weekends," said the owner, a 50-year-old man surnamed Kim. "People are lining up in front of the bar to get in."

But not all of the customers leave satisfied, and fewer find their knight in shining armor or dream girl.

One man who visited the bar for the first time said that many people often cut off their interlocutor mid-stream because the Internet allows them to short-circuit entrenched rules of social etiquette.

"I feel very uncomfortable, actually, as it seems as though the kind of bad manners you encounter on the Internet have found a good home here," said the man, a 33-year-old office worker who only provided his surname, Jung.

Pictures taken from these sites
Min Ho and Min Young:
Yonghwa and Seohyun:
Jae Jung and UEE:
Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo:

International Students Sports Festival 2011 (Event Invitation)

Recruiting Teams for the 1st Annual “Global Family in Korea” International Students Sports Festival.

Date: Saturday November 5, 2011
Place: Namyangju Sports and Culture Center (near Donong Station, Jungang Ln.)

In this Sports Festival, 8 teams, representing 8 different regions, will compete against each other for the championships. These 8 regions include:
Seoul A, Seoul B, Seoul C, Gyeongin Region (Gyeonggi-do & Incheon), Yeongnam Region (Gyeongsang-do, Busan, Daegu, Ulsan), Honam Region (Jeolla-do, Gwangju, Jeju Island), Gangwon Region, Central Chungcheong Region (Chungcheong Province, Daejeon)

Each regional team will compete in the following events:
Men’s football
Women’s 7-a-side football
Volleyball (co-ed team)
Korean wrestling
Relay races- Men’s 200m, Women’s 200m, Co-ed 200m
Tug of War
Cheerleading Contest

Happy Concert 2011 (Event Invitation)

Are you in Seoul on October 1st? Do you wanna see SNSD, SG Wannabe, U-Kiss, f(x), Davichi and more? Watch this year's Happy Concert
6:30pm at Seoul Worldcup Stadium (Line 6 Exit 2) 

The concert is free of charge, and you can get tickets by filling out the form on the TBS’s website.For more details, please visit the website or call at (02) 311-5681~2.

Hangeul Day 2011 Exhibition in Seoul, Korea

My friend and 형, Hyunwoo is organizing another activity for Hangeul Day this year ^^  Please participate, share it to others and also fuel the project ^^

Check it out!

Love Hangeul? Learning Korean? Let's do something special this year! 

October 9th is the official Hangeul day (한글날), and 한글날 2011 is coming up soon! If you remember, for the past two years, I've made a video each year to celebrate 한글날 with you all. I thoroughly enjoyed receiving all the pictures from all over the world and putting them together for a video. 
I'd like to do it again this year, for Hangeul Day 2011, but it seems like A LOT MORE people are going to be interested in participating this time. If I receive 100 pictures, that's fine. But when there is more than 200 pictures, it's difficult to put them in one video. 
So here's my suggestion:

Too many participants? Not a problem! Instead of a video, how about an actual EXHIBITION in Seoul, Korea?

Imagine an actual exhibition hall in the center of Seoul, Korea, where YOUR submission, your Hangeul writing or artwork is displayed for visitors to see!!!
This will not only be very memorable for the participants, but also be very inspirational for the viewers of the exhibition. 
I am aiming for a two-day exhibition, and it will involve various types of costs, such as renting and preparing an exhibition place, printing out pictures and getting them ready for display, etc. So help me make the exhibition possible by funding this project! You can fund as little as 2 dollars or as much as 500 dollars. 
My goal for this funding is $3,000 USD and I have 10 days to raise this amount. When I reach or exceed this goal, I can not only make this exhibition happen but also make it extra awesome. 
Even if you are not interested in participating yourself, please support this project so this international Hangeul Day celebration exhibition can happen.
Please share this project with your friends and tell them to participate as well. I'm very excited to see what kind of creative entries will be submitted!

For more about how to participate, please check out my YouTube channel
- Hyunwoo Sun - 

A video of last year's Hangeul Day!

Pictures taken from

Friday, September 23, 2011

Power Korean: Johannes Rosenthal

You’ve probably seen him on posters and billboards in some department stores here in Korea. A walking fashion icon! Literally attention-grabber! His head turning boy next door aura and looks make girls giggle, drool and faint… Everyone! Meet my friend Johannes

Johannes Hyun Su Tim Rosenthal is a Korean- German born and raised in Oberhausen, Germany. He graduated from an elite music high school, Landesmusikgymnasium Rheinland- Pfalz in Germany in 2009. Hmm quite long for a school name huh? Hihi.. He is currently in a double honors program, B.Sc. in Business Management and B.A. in Korean Studies at the University of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, UK.

Germany has always been associated with its legacy in classical music. Johannes career and training in music lived up to this association. He is a naturally gifted singer and musician. Being a member of a choir, “Art of the Voice,” in high school, he got to travel to many places in Europe for tour concerts. Also, being part part of a string orchestra, “Musica Viva,” he also plays cello and piano like a god. Musica Viva was awarded 2nd best youth string orchestra in Germany in 2008.

Johannes’ modeling career all started in Korea during his stint as an exchange student at Yonsei University. He was discovered by a small modeling agency in December of 2010, where he did some sportswear pictorials and a fashion show for FILA. He said, his friend, David Sheldrick introduced him to the modeling industry here in Korea. He got invited to different fashion events and met people in the industry. He walked in Seoul’s Fashion Week this year, March. He also had photo shoots for different clothing lines like The Studio K, street photo shooting for Kai-Aakmann which appeared in Vogue Girl (April issue), modeled in a Volkswagen car ad, which appeared in Esquire (June issue) if I were to name some. In addition to that he became the new male campaign model of the Italian sports brand “Freddy” which many of you might have seen in many department stores already.

On Korean Fashion
Being a walking fashion magazine himself, it would be nice to hear his thoughts on Korean fashion. He said Korean fashion industry is still very young in terms of age but its development is extremely remarkable. He mentioned that the designer brand Caruso literally gives him ‘goosebumps’ every time the collections are out. He also likes how Korean people take care of their fashion at all times, wherever they go whether there is an occasion or just going to school. Though, he is quite on the warpath with the ‘couple shirt’ culture. Asked him why, he said it’s too cheesy and that he would never date with someone who will ask him to do it. So girls out there you know what to watch out hihi

Loving Korea
For Johannes, Korea is a home away from home. As a Korean- German he already visited the country during holidays when he was younger almost every year. His mom’s hometown Yeosu has always been his destination every time he visits here. Just a trivia, Yeosu is the venue for the World Expo next year. He also loves the convenience in Korea, where everything you want is within reach. Some of his favorite hangouts are Seoul’s very own fashion capital Karusugil and Apgujeong Rodeo area.  

More About Johannes
Many people know him as a party organizer. If you’re his Facebook friend, chances are you’re gonna see many of his statuses and postings are about the parties he organized or supported/promoted. He is also a member of a social brand called Deviant, a platform for people to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, hot event tips, and that throws exclusive parties/events itself, too. Johannes is also multilingual. He is fluent in German, English, Korean and French. Many people call him John or Hyunsu especially in Korea, knowing that his name is quite long. If given a chance, he is also very open to the idea of working in the entertainment industry in Korea. So, you might see him one day in a Korean drama or movie or as a solo artist or even part of an idol group.   
Twitter: @johnhyunsu
Facebook: John Hyun-Su Tim Rosenthal

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hyun Bin Going to Visit Indonesia?

The phenomenal main actor of the drama Secret Garden, Hyun Bin, may visit Indonesia through the Korean Marine Corps. As we know, Hyun Bin is currently doing his military service. To my friends in Indonesia! This is it! hehe. Here's the article from

Korean drama star Hyun Bin may visit Indonesia next month to support the export of defense industry products as part of his two-year-long stint in the Marine Corps.

The 29-year-old model and actor, who is now serving his mandatory military service, apparently cannot escape his transnational appeal and may be heading overseas in an unofficial ambassadorial role.

"The Indonesian government invited Hyun Bin to the nation's Armed Forces Day ceremonies from Oct. 4 to 7, and the Ministry of National Defense is considering sending him to Indonesia," an officer of the Marine Corps said.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jaejoong's kissing scene that made all girls cry... (Protect the Boss)

Just saw this drama spoiler post from earlier ( is a leading source of information and updates regarding K-pop/ Korean artists).  At first I thought it's a good way to get more viewers. The drama "Protect the Boss" where Hero Jaejoong of JYJ is one of the leading actors, is currently airing here in Korea and it's getting a fairly high viewership.

But when I read the some comments of his fans, many feel sad and broken hearted...hehe. Of course not all. Some are quite positive and 'pretended' not to mind. hihi Now I'm not sure whether it's a good strategy ...or... well... yeah... maybe I'm right... I guess SBS can expect a higher viewership.  After all Jaejoong's fans are very supportive, no matter what, they will support him ^^

The drama is broadcasted on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:55.

Other Main Casts are
Choi Kang Hee, Ji Sung and Wang Ji Hye  (the so-called lucky girl).

The drama is fun to watch so if you haven't watched it better start watching now! 

Here's the link of the article from

And here's a video of the kissing scene

You can also watch the drama online

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet 2PM and MIss A

Pyongyang and Seoul

Just saw this picture from I think it's worth sharing. I know many people outside of Korea are still not aware of the difference between these two 'countries'

The above picture is Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea (officially called Democratic People's Republic of Korea DPRK).

The one below is where I am currently living, Seoul, the capital of South Korea (Republic of Korea).

Here's a link
the picture's via reddit 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

15th Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival (Invitation)

My friends will have dance performances in the upcoming 15th Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival ^^ If you have time please please watch their performances on

Sept. 22 to 24, 6pm at Choosa Madang.

The troupe's name is Project Wae. The artistic director is Han Sol Yoo and the crew are my friends. Let's support them ^^


The festival will run from Sept 21st to 25th. Check out the schedule of other performances of both local and foreign artists too at

See you there ^^ 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Asia Song Festival 2011 (Invitation)

This year's Asia Song Festival is will be held at Daegu Stadium on October 15th (Saturday).

If you happen to be in Korea for the Hallyu Dream Concert on the 3rd of October, you might as well extend your K-Pop "fandoming" until 15th ^^

Performers listed on the website are Super Junior, Girl's Generation (Korea), Perfume, AAA (Japan), Peter Ho (Taiwan), Leo Ku (HK), Bibi Chou (China) and Tata Young (Thailand).

You might wonder how come there are only 8 performers. Based on my experiences, (well it's gonna be my 4th time to watch ASF,always VIP seats ^^), there are many performances at the start of the concert. Usually the rookies or new groups, like the groups that just had their debut. I am hoping it's gonna be the same this year.

It's for FREE! For tickets visit

Friday, September 16, 2011

Revealing Backstage Secrets! RT M Countdown!

You can now watch backstage scenes before, during and after M Countdown!

This is the RT Mcountdown URL

Please take note of the Time

Tue 6:00PM (PST)
Tue 8:00PM (Chicago, Mexico city,Peru)
Tue 9:00PM (Newyork)
Wed 2:00 AM (London)
Wed 3:00AM (Spain,Rome,Netherlands)
Wed 8:00 AM (Thailand)
Wed 9: 00 AM (Taiwan,MALAYSIA,HongKong,
Wed 10: 00AM (Korea, Japan)
Wed 11:00 AM (Sydney)
*RT M Countdown is planning to stream high-lights of every episodes on YouTube*

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nike Running Korea

Nike Korea is sponsoring running activities these days 
Just visit Sangam World Cup Park every Wednesday at 7:30 pm and

Yeoido Park every Saturday at 9:30 am.

If you're into running or just wanna exercise and sweat or wanna enjoy Han River with your friends, please join! It's for free and if ever you just happen to passed by the area, Nike will lend you running shoes.

Plus they also provide you snacks, water and soft drinks after finishing the race! What more can you ask for huh? ^^

For more details visit and click the LIKE button

Most Young Koreans Wanna be Stars

One of my students before just debuted as a member of an idol group. You may be amazed with the increasing number of girl and boy groups debuting every year here in Korea. The more surprising thing is, the huge number of young Koreans wanting to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Just found this very interesting article from Although it was published a year ago, I still think it's relevant.Please read!
In 1983, a popular children's magazine conducted a survey of 6,595 schoolchildren asking them what they wanted to be when they grew up. Their top choice was scientist with 23.3 percent, followed by teacher (14.1 percent), judge (11.5 percent), doctor (11 percent) and artist (7.8 percent). When asked what would bring them happiness, 63 percent of them said living a worthwhile life. When those children entered university, the Physics Department at Seoul National University was the preferred choice among applicants that drew the brightest minds from across the country.
Twenty years later,, a popular Internet portal for children, surveyed 10,478 kids about their preferred profession as adults and found that 41.6 percent or 4,364 of them wanted to be singers. When combined with the 892 (8.5 percent) who chose actor, 50.1 percent of the children surveyed wanted to be entertainers. Only 110 respondents said they wanted to be scientists, ranking 19th out of the favored professions.

The trend is not restricted to elementary schoolchildren. Young Koreans are fixated on becoming stars. Last year, 4,157 people applied in a contest by broadcaster SBS to choose 14 new actors. The competition ratio for men was 397:1 and for women 222:1. Another contest that selected a single winner who will get to join a Japanese girl band drew 2,500 applicants from across the country ranging from 8 to 34 years of age. An audition by JYP Entertainment, one of the largest entertainment firms which manages 2PM and the Wonder Girls, drew some 23,000 applicants -- a 6,000:1 competition rate. A few universities that have majors specializing in entertainment-related fields are so competitive to get into that a student must beat hundreds of other applicants for a place.

Around 1,000 young trainees at talent management agencies spend all day practicing singing and dancing while missing school. The most popular profession among female university graduates is news anchor, and the competition ratio there often surpasses 1,000:1. The reason is that over the last few years a number of news anchors have become high-profile celebrities rivaling movie stars.

Being an entertainer is like running a venture business staked on a single product. Success means money and fame, but the flipside is that those who do not succeed have to worry where their next meal will come from. An entertainers' union surveyed 403 actors last year and found that 40 percent of them had been unable to appear even once in a movie or TV show a year. Moon Jae-gap, director of policy at the union, said 70 percent of members make less than W1 million (US$1=W1,133) a month. What is worse is that the factor that determines success or failure is pure luck. In the entertainment profession, hopefuls must stake their future on the eternally fickle tastes of the public.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Namyangju Dasan Path Walkathon

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Namyangju City, and Namyangju City Sports Council

Organized by Namyangju Walking Federation

Date: Sunday 10.2 2011 7a.m.~18p.m.

3 courses: 7km, 15km, 50km

7km, 15km: Starting at 2pm from Joan Majae Village (Dasan historical site) Near Paldang station (Joongang Line)

50 km: Starting at 7am from Woongilsan station (Joongang Line)

Registration Period: 8.22~9.25 2011

Everyone is welcome to participate.

Participation Fee: 7km, 15km- 2000 won / 50 km- 20,000 won

Tips for surviving Chuseok if you’re a Foreigner

Just read a blog entry from the Talk To Me In Korean portal. It's written by Stephanie Morris and photos are by Hyunwoo Sun 형님 ^^ about Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving). I was about to write an entry about it but the blog already tells us almost everything we need to know about Chuseok.

Anyway, let me quote some tips mentioned for surviving 추석 (Chuseok) if you’re a 외국인 (Foreigner) in Korea.

* Double check the operating hours of the stores and restaurants you may possibly want to visit during the holiday. They may or may not be open!

* Find places to go to that are easily accessible by subway to avoid the holiday traffic. Subway stations will be virtually EMPTY and you will be able to grab a seat anywhere you want to.

* For the few days right before 추석, do not visit E-mart, Home Plus, or any grocery-like store for that matter, unless you are an adventure-seeker and enjoy being trampled by 아줌마들 (ajummas).

* The palaces in Seoul, Korean Folk Village, and 남산골 (Namsangol) village have various 추석 activities, and some museums may have 추석 attractions as well!

* If you want to avoid Korea altogether during 추석, you can book a ticket well in advance (a little late to try to get one now, though…) to get out of the country and go sight-seeing somewhere else for 3 days :)

추석 is a very special time for Korea, and if you are given the chance to experience any of the festivities or rituals, do not pass up the opportunity to engulf yourself in traditional Korean culture.

If you want to know more about Chuseok read the full article. 
Here's the link

You can also check this entry for Seoul Land, Everland, Lotte World, Seoul Global Center and more events for foreigners this Chuseok.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

K-POP Cover Dance Festival (Japan)

Japan competition of K-POP Cover Dance Festival will be on live stream at GyaO FB page having KARA as a special guest! Don't miss it!

Check the start time of your country from below.
Click Attending

Want to come to Korea for FREE?

Is your heart beating faster? Are your palms sweating because you’re getting more excited about the possibility of getting to come to Korea for free? The launch date for our new project is coming soon, so be sure to check out the (video or audio file) for a little bit more information!

Like us on Facebook
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and visit frequently to stay up-to-date on how to win the chance of a lifetime!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hallyu Dream Concert 2011 Tickets for International Tourists

 This year's Hallyu Dream Concert will be on October 3rd at Gyeongju Citizen Stadium, Gyeongju. This one of the biggest Hallyu concerts inside Korea and this will be my third time to watch it. hahaha.

According to Visit Korea Year Official Facebook Fan page this is how you can get tickets!

1) Facebook Quiz Event: We know the process of ticket distribution worked differently last year.

Thousands of seats are prepared for overseas guests this year, but most of them are chartered for group travelers by overseas travel agencies. After all, the Visit Korea Committee has only got 100 tickets for individual guests and that's apparently too little. If we can get the list of those travel agencies, we will let you know later.

2) GMarket ( does sell tickets but non-residents of Korea can't become members of the site. That's why we didn't mention about it here. If you can read Korean or have any friend in Korea who can help you, you might be able to purchase tickets. There are still some 200 tickets left (as of 1:00PM local time). I suggest you do this if you have friends who are in Korea!
3) Tour package (2 nights & 3 days, departing from Seoul) is now available for English speaking people. Visit the Hallyu Dream Festival official website to see if it’s affordable.

As we found most of our facebook fans/friends are coming independently (not via tour packages), we are unsure which is the best way for you to get the tickets even though there are several options mentioned above.

We are still going to have quiz events for those who are willing to participate.

Visit the fan page

You can also check the official website for other activities. The Hallyu Dream Festival runs from October 1st to 3rd so you can also enjoy other activities aside from the concert.

Pictures taken from Hallyu Dream Festival website