Wednesday, November 30, 2011

World Students in Korea (WSK)-6th Batch Recruitment

The Presidential Council on Nation Branding (PCNB) is recruiting the 6th batch of members for the program “World Students in Korea.”
“World Students in Korea” aims to provide international students in Korea with opportunities to experience Korea in a more organized, diverse, and involved manner and to promote cultural exchanges between Korea a...nd the students’ home countries through the blogs (web logs) run by the member students.

1. Number of members sought : Fifty (50)
2. Application Period : Nov 21(Mon) – Dec11 (Sun) 2011
3. Eligibility
- International students (i.e. those who are currently enrolled in an educational institution(s) in Korea)
- Those who own and run a blog (* Those who do not have a blog are requested to open one prior to applying)
- Those who are interested in Korea’s industries and culture
- Priority for selection will be given to those who speak Korean
4. Tenure
Jan 2012 – June 2012 (6 months)
5. Tasks
- Open and run an individual blog upon which students are to post contents (articles, photos, videos, etc.) related to Korea
- Attend various workshops, field trips, and events hosted by the Council

6. Benefits
- Upon evaluation by the Council at the end of the tenure, students who have shown distinguished on- and offline activities will receive awards (e.g. A round trip flight ticket to home country for Grand Prize winner)
- A small gift will be provided for the students who have shown excellent activities upon evaluation by the Council at the end of the month.
- Opportunities to attend diverse cultural events and performances related to Korea, or those hosted by the Council
- Media coverage (TV programs, interviews with newspapers, magazines etc.) regarding WSK activities and Korea

7. How to Apply
Via the Council’s official web site. Click the following link:
8. Inquiries

Ms. Jung-A Lee
Culture, Tourism & Global Citizenship Bureau
Presidential Council on Nation Branding

Ms. Jin-Sook Lee
International Cooperation Bureau
Presidential Council on Nation Branding

*** For further information on the Presidential Council on Nation Branding, visit

Monday, November 28, 2011

MLive MOA Malaysia Concert Ticket Giveaway!

If you are in Malaysia this 3rd of December and you wanna see 
Super Junior, missA, f(x) and B1A4 in person and for FREE! 
Hurry up and join the Seoul Metropolitan Government's MLive MOA ticket giveaway! 
 Click this link and leave your message!
Note: sometimes the "add comment" button on some browsers does not appear, please try to open it through internet explorer
Super Junior Inviting you to watch!

For more information please visit:
Ticket Sales:

United Cube London Concert Ticket Giveaway!

For those who will be in London this December 5th, this is your chance to see your K-Pop favorite stars in person! Just join the Cube Event organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government for you!
It's only until November 29th (Korea time) so hurry up!
Click this link and leave your message 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winners of 2011 MAMA 'Music Makes One’ Song Dance Relay

So who can shuffle with their favorite K-Pop stars in the upcoming 
2011 MAMA in Singapore
The results of the much awaited 'Music Makes One' Song Dance Relay contest (whew it's a long name for a contest huh? hahaha) are already out! 
In no particular order Singapore(2), USA (2) and South Korea (3)
 These lucky shufflers were chosen out of 736 participants from 50 different countries. Here are their YouTube videos. Tell me what you think




Mnet Asian Music Awards

Open Audition for Intercultural Transnational Chorus “Montant”

Together with Incheon International Airport Corporation and Social Enterprise Noridan
Montant” is a singing / performing team composed of different nationalities
that express diverse cultures and music.
Successful applicants will become regular members of the chorus after passing the probationary period.
- Open for All Nationalities. All Levels of Education.
- 20 years old and above, with a legal status in Korea, and can travel outside Korea.
(If you are a student, you must graduate by Feb 2012)
- Has experience in Singing or Performing
- Can play an instrument, act, dance, compose or edit music, or can show other special forms of performance.
- Has interest in developing creative integrated cultural contents from other countries.
* Regardless of nationality, academic history or gender.

- 1st Step: Submit the Application form by November 18(Fri) to 28(Mon), 2011.
(Those who will pass the initial application paper screening will proceed to Step 2.)
- 2nd Step: Audition. December 4, 2011 (Sun) 4:00 PM/ Incheon Art Platform
- 3rd Step: Interview. (Details will be announced soon to those who passed the 2nd step. This final step will only be limited to those who successfully passed the 2ndstep.)
- Download the application form by clicking this link below:
- Accomplish the form and e-mail it to:
Click! Download the application
contact email us at

Friday, November 25, 2011

Look Alike Korean Celebrities Part 2

Yay! This is the second part of Look Alike Korean Celebrities. One of our readers, Juliet Mitra from Indonesia sent these
When I first saw these pictures it was kinda hard to decipher which one's which. I mean just looking at the pictures I couldn't tell whether they are two different people or not. What do you think? Let's see how Juliet did her sort of "analysis' ^^
The first picture is Jeon Hyosung of Secret and Jung Eunji of A-Pink. Notice how they smile. ^^

Next one is Hyuna of 4Minute and AnnJ of C-Real. I've seen them many times in person and they don't really look similar but I admit, on TV they have striking similarities. Both have powerful aegyos hehe.

This one is kinda hard. I thought it's only one person,Gna. Good thing, the sender put on her e-mail the names. ^^; The other girl is JN, a member of a rookie girl group called New F.O.

The last picture is Seohyun of Girls' Generation and Park Chorong of A Pink.  Well, I have nothing to say they look
 similar to me. And both cute ^^ haha

Thank you Ms. Juliet Mitra for sending these pictures. I think you're a good observant and very updated.^^

Please share your thoughts and you can also send your own Look Alike analysis through pictures to

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are you a K-Pop Wizard? Prove it!

Do you think you're like Hermione of Hogwarts when it comes to K-Pop? The School of K-Pop ala Visit Korea is having this fun and 'memory' boggling quiz for K-Pop wizards out there!  This is your time to prove everyone your K-Pop wizardness ^^ Join, enjoy and Test your K-Pop Knowledge and Win fabulous prizes! 

Click this link and let the magical quiz begin!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hallyu Wave in North Korea!

Just read 3 articles related to Hallyu Wave in North Korea from Radio Free Asia published in July 7th 2007, Koreatimes in June 24th 2011 and just today Nov. 21st 2011. Please read, I think it's very interesting.

North Korea Cracks Down on Korean Wave of Illicit TV(Radio Free Asia)

Authorities in North Korea are intensifying a crackdown on imports of South Korean popular culture, especially television dramas, but the South’s “Korean Wave” may already have taken a strong hold in the isolated Stalinist state. South Korean music, soap operas, and movies have already taken the rest of East Asia by storm, and, according to North Koreans now living in the South, the South's arch-rival North Korea is no exception. 

One of the smash-hit TV dramas to emerge from South Korea in recent years has been “Winter Sonata,” a delicate and emotional love story that has spawned its own fashions as people seek to imitate details from the story.
“I watched ‘Winter Sonata’ in North Korea and I even recall the name of the leading actor, Bae Young Joon,” said a defector to South Korea identified only by his surname, Kim. 

Read more North Korea Cracks Down on Korean Wave of Illicit TV

Hallyu is shaking up North Korea (Koreatimes)

    "Hallyu," or Korean wave, has been sweeping the world from Southeast Asia to Europe and further to South America. This is no exception in North Korea.

   “South Korean thrillers, Iris and Athena are very popular there,” said Free North Korea Radio.

   “The hair style of actress Song Hye-gyo from the soap opera, All In, is in vogue in Pyongyang, but the North Korean authorities are reinforcing its regulations,” said Daily NK.

   News outlets handling news about North Koreans are delivering reports on the South Korean wave in the North through sources from the reclusive country.

   Kang Dong-wan, professor of international relations at Dong-a University in Busan, and Professor Park Joung-ran from the Institute for Peace and Unification Studies affiliated with Seoul National University have published a book, “Korean Wave, Shaking Up North Korea.” The book says, “North Korean citizens are admiring South Korea with the illusion of lives of it”. 

Read More  Hallyu is shaking up North Korea

North Korean celebrities are struggling because of the Hallyu Wave (allkpop)

    Radio Free Asia (RFA), a non-profit organization that operates a radio station and internet news source, recently published a story about North Korean celebrities being forgotten due to the Hallyu Wave.  Apparently, South Korean movies and dramas are spreading like wildfire inside the isolated country and are devouring low-quality North Korean films.
    According to an insider in North Korea, “I don’t know anything about new North Korean songs or movies that have been released.  There are only 3-4 [North Korean] films that are produced each year, but since there are so many South Korean movies laying around, no one pays attention to our [North Korean] films.”

Read more North Korean celebrities are struggling because of the Hallyu Wave

 Here's a sample of North Korean Pop music

Here's another related article
KIMIPAKCHWE: North Korean "K-Pop"

For other news related to North Korea check this out
KIMIPAKCHWE: NK related news


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Power Korean: Kyungjin Kim 김경진

 In Korea, everybody’s talking about well-being, diet, six-pack and being fit. The next friend I will be introducing is a perfect icon for this.   

     Kyungjin Kim was born and raised in Seoul. He graduated in 2001 at the high school attached to the College of Education of Korea University. He is currently taking Physical Education at Chung Ang University Extension.

    One would wonder where he got such mould for his figure. Well there's no secret. It didn't happen in one night. It's a fruit of his perseverance and continuous training since he was younger. He was fat when he was 16 years old so his mom told him to exercise. He never knew that moment was the start of his journey to the fitness and health world. Until now, Kyungjin is pursuing a career in this sector, making him one of the leading personalities in this field despite his young age here in Korea

Trainer and Model 

He is currently a freelance personal trainer to some of Korea’s biggest stars. As I’ve said he did not land to this kind of status in an instant. When he was 18, he already started working part time as a trainer in a health club in his neighborhood. He continuously worked as a freelance trainer then served military. After that he worked as a trainer again, that time at Body Star Fitness Club where he worked for quite a long time and established networks with people in the same field.

He is a favorite model for different sports and health related events. He also modeled for different fashion and home shopping portals and has done numerous magazine photoshoots. Despite these experiences he thinks fitness modeling in Korea is not yet fully developed as compared to US. People often confused it with bodybuilding.


People may think that he is a bodybuilder but he try not to consider himself as one. He said he has many close friends who are literally bigger and trained bodybuilders. However, in 2009, his friends persuaded him to join Mr. Seoul, an annual bodybuilding competition and won 5th place. He said it was worth trying at least once. Before that, in 2008, he also joined Men's Health Cool Guy Contest.

     January 2010, Kyungjin experienced one of the most tragic points in his life. He stayed in the hospital for 2 months because of a car accident. Although he tried to work again at the fitness club, he decided to quit and just give himself more time. So he was able to rest, exercise and enjoy for few more months. For him it was a now or never decision because he thought he would have to face  new challenges and a new start after that.
Then an opportunity knocked on his door. September 2010, he decided to join Muscle Mania, one of the most prestigious competitions in bodybuilding and sports modeling world. After grabbing the title in Korea he was sent to Las Vegas for the World Muscle Mania in November of the same year. Obviously his hard work paved way. Aside from winning 2nd runner up he made history as the first Asian to bagged an award.


He is currently working as the director of Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s health programs. He has his own sort of diet camps to different groups of people. He also plans to make his own company in the future, which will also deal with health related programs. He will also launch an internet shopping business under the brand name Brownstar this year, which would sell sportswear and undergarments for men. Kyungjin has also been guesting in many TV shows as a personal trainer. Some of these are SBS' Star King and KBS2's Survival Diet and he continuously get more invitations.

Note: For the images please do not remove the watermarks. And please do not re-upload the video.

SHINee at the 3rd Bravo ASEAN in Korea!

It felt like below zero degree and quite windy but it did not stop the Korean and international fans of the boy idol group Shinee to stand in line and wait for the gate to open at AX-Korea, Seoul.
Shinee was the special guest in the recently concluded Bravo ASEAN in Korea. Now on its 3rd year, it's an annual activity for ASEAN countries to showcase their talents through different sorts of performances. Some went there to support their friends who were gonna perform but when I did some random interview with the people they all screamed Shinee at me.haha

My Personal SHINee History?
Shinee is the first K-Pop idol group I came to know because one of its members' older brother is my friend at school. hehe The picture on your right was taken in 2009 at the World Youth Campfest. hehe One of the vintage photos I have. Notice that they always have the same "positioning." From left to right Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Key. haha I've seen them many times in different concerts and was even with them backstage since I was a staff of many camps and events where by chance they also performed. Anyway, so here are some of the videos of the group's performance yesterday. They performed Hello, Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong. As far as I know, after that they went to Super Show 4 at Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium. These videos are fanmade so don't expect a good quality. Sometimes you'll see the head of the person sitting in front. LOL

Friday, November 18, 2011

Banana Talk Special (1): A Place to Eat, Relax and Talk ^^

Let me introduce a place you must drop by when you are in Korea. When we go out on a date with friends or special someone, there are times when we find ourselves agonizing on where to eat or talk because we all have different cravings for food or drinks. I think this place is an answer to that, Banana Talk.

Let's say you and your friends decided to visit Grand Children's Park, after a long walk and fun you can drop by at this place. It's a place to relax and chat over a cup of coffee or smoothies or whatever drinks that soothes you. You might also wanna sip your drinks with some desserts like waffles of different toppings or try the classic burger and fries. Customers happen to be from all walks of life.
Aside from the park, the place is also near Sejong University and residential area. So many students gather, even moms and kids too. If you happen to be hungry you can also order pasta or a Korean food for that matter. The menu is really amazing! In the evening, it caters different events and since it becomes like bar, it's a perfect place to hold parties. The place has a wide space and has sort of European style architecture and ambiance. Definitely a perfect place for small gatherings, chitchats, study and since wifi connection is really good, meaning it could also be a perfect place to do your online chores.

Why Banana Talk?
First thing that got my attention was the name of the place, Banana Talk. So I asked the owner and he told me that I have to figure it out. haha So it must be the menu? Some food and drinks listed on the menu have bananas on it. It could be a reason, right? Or on the naughty side it could be a place where girls can talk about boys, so Banana Talk. I know what you're By the way, the place is already known for having a "goodlooking" owner and waiters. So, when you come and visit, you can  take pictures with them.

To satisfy your hunger, our next story will be Banana Talk's Menu...and the Boys? haha Stay Tune!

Grand Children's Park Station Line no. 7, Exit 6 then just walk straight for roughly 5 minutes.

Join the FB group and get updates!

Banana Talk is not a sponsor nor did it pay the blogger. The blogger is a close friend of the owner. hehe ^^ The owner will be featured in Power Korean section. Watch for it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

enewsWorld’s 2011 MAMA Ticket Giveaway!

To celebrate this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards, a CJ E&M family event, is holding a ticket giveaway as a big thanks to our devoted readers!

Don’t miss this awesome chance to see the hottest hallyu stars - Girls’ Generation, 2PM, Super Junior, and more – perform right in front of your eyes.

ㆍPrizes: 10 Tickets to 2011 MAMA (1 per person)
ㆍDuration : 2011.11.16 (Wed) – 24 (Thurs)
ㆍAnnouncement : 2011.11.25 (Fri)
ㆍHow to Join :
   1. Register on, like us on Facebook (enewsWorld), and follow us on Twitter ()
   2. Post, share, tweet and RT giveaway info & articles on Facebook and Twitter
. You MUST share giveaway info to be eligible as well as add #enewsworld to tweets/RTs.
   3. Out of the top participants, we will randomly select 10 winners
   4. The winners and details on how to receive the tickets will be announced individually (via email or twitter)
- if we do not receive a response within 48 hours, your ticket WILL be given away.

※ The 2011 MAMA is being held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on November 29th. Airfare and accommodations not included.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Free K-pop Concert Ticket Giveaway

Are you a K-Pop fan who lives in Korea? Or are you gonna be in Korea this December 2nd,3rd and 4th? Then this is the event for you! The KTO will be holding a FREE concert mini-series this December (2011) in anticipation of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games.

Come see top stars like 2AM, U-Kiss, After School, Leader's, G.Na, B2ST, 4Minute, My Name, Kim Kyujong, Miss A, ZE:A, Sistar, Davichi and B1A4 at the beautiful Yongpyong Resort in Gangwon-do. Call the 1330 tt Call Center now for your chance to win 2 free K-pop concert tickets!

Concert Details

◈ Date: December 2nd (Fri.) – December 4th (Sun.), 2011
◈ Place: Gangwon-do, Yongpyong Resort, Yongpyong Dome
(Free shuttle bus between Seoul and Yongpyong Resort).
◈ Concert Dates & Line-up:

Date & Time Dec. 2 (Fri.)
19:00 - 21:00
Dec. 3 (Sat.)
19:00 - 21:00
Dec. 4 (Sun.)
19:00 - 21:00
Place Yongpyong Resort Yongyong Resort Yongyong Resort
Line-up 2AM
After School
My Name
Kim Kyujong (SS501)
Miss A
* Schedule and line-up subject to change.

Event Details
◈ Eligibility: Foreign nationals living in Korea
◈ Period: November 14th (Mon.) – November 27th (Sun.), 2011
◈ Tickets: 50 winners (2 tickets each) will be selected for each concert date (150 winners total)
* Tickets will be distributed onsite.
◈ Winners Announcement: November 29 (Tues.) 2011, 11:00am (Korean time).
** Winners will be notified by SMS (mobile text messaging)

How to Join:
  1. 1. Call the tt call center at 02-1330
  2. 2. Leave your name, gender, nationality, phone number, & date you wish to attend the concert
Shuttle Bus Information
◈ From Seoul (13:00) à Yongpyong Resort (estimated arrival time: 17:00)
Seoul shuttle bus stop: Korea Tourism Organization, TIC
◈ From Yongpyong (21:30) à Seoul (estimated arrival time: 01:30)
Arrival location TBA (Gangnam Station, KTO or Gyeonggi-do area)

** Please direct ALL inquiries to the 1330 tt call center at 02-1330 (24/7 Travel Helpline).
(Inquiries received via email will not be addressed)

For those who will come to Korea to travel here's your application guideline and form! 


Win an Autographed CD from your Favorite K-Pop Stars!

In celebration of the launching of, the portal site offers its readers a chance to win K-Pop star's autographed CDs! And it's very simple!

Event 1
1. Follow their Twitter account @ and get instant updates
2. RT their giveaway info like this
★ Don't forget to enter enewsWorld's 2nd Giveaway - win Girls' Generation autographed CDs!
3. RT their tweets as many as you can ^^

Event 2
1.Register and sign in to
2. Post as many comments as you can on news/forum section! 

This is already the 2nd giveaway. This time they're giving SNSD signed CDs! I think it changes every 1-2 weeks. Hurry up! 

Power Korean: Il Gon Kim (김일곤)

Most famous actors or idol groups did not get their fame in one night. Many of them, especially in Korea, pride themselves with the tremendous training and hardwork they experienced just to make the first step to the entertainment world. The next friend I will be introducing is currently under all these pressures.

Il Gon Kim, 19 years old, born and grew up in Mokpo is currently a trainee in one of the talent management agencies here in Seoul, Korea. He trains in the same label with other idol groups and stars already known in the Korean entertainment industry.

Il Gon said, even if the training is hard he enjoys doing it. He can make friends with people who share the same dream and passion with him and also learn a lot in many aspects not just work but life too. He is also currently studying at Paekche Institute of the Arts in Seoul.

Give your supports to him! Follow his Twitter
As much as I wanted to give you more information about him I cannot for some obvious reasons. Hehe. If you have questions, why not ask him directly through Twitter!
Pictures are from the portal of a clothing line Louvain