Friday, April 12, 2013

Eric Nam and LED Apple's Hanbyul to host After School Club!

After School Club...yep I have to admit the first thing on my mind was the girl group After School lol Then a TV producer friend told me it's a the name of the program Arirang TV will be running next week and guess what...two of my friends are hosting it! Led Apple's lead vocalist Hanbyul (@jasononestar) and Birth of a Star Eric Nam (@ericnamofficial)

This will be Arirang TV's very first variety show type of program and to add more it's gonna be LIVE! You can catch it on Wednesdays at 5pm (note: Korean Standard Time). It's named After School Club (again not because of the hot girl group After School) with the "idea" of   K-Pop fans could watch it after school (yeah I know time zone difference ㅠㅠ ) or you could see it as idols coming to the show after their school (yeah I know, as if they go? or if they ever go to school kkk)

So how is this show gonna be different from all the other existing K-Popish oriented programs out there?

☛ You can interact /chat with the show hosts and guests through social media LIVE! During the broadcast there will be a segment called "Roll Call" (yep just like in class) where Hanbyul and Eric will be checking "attendance" through Twitter which would include you if ever you've tweeted them. So it would be like:

Eric: Oh so we have lovelykpopfan*** from USA!
Hanbyul: Yeah and happykpopfan*** from Morocco is present too!
Then they'll be getting questions (I guess some are real-time some are preselected) For more details check their official accounts here : Facebook, Twitter, Website

☛ You can also send in questions, comments before, during, after (yeah guess I should just have said anytime kkk) the program and your questions might be selected and answered. And you can also request songs!

☛Although not guaranteed, you can also request for your favorite idols to guest in the show...who knows if the number of fans requesting is overwhelming (crashing ASC's website level? haha) then there might be a bigger chance of seeing your favorite idols as guests in the show!

And as you can see, the first guests are ta-dah! ZE:A 5! Now If you wanna chat with ZE:A 5 members (not yet sure if everyone can attend, Dongjun may not be present due to another schedule) plus the two MCs then better watch After School Club starting April 17th at 5pm on Arirang TV! If you happen to be sleeping, having a date, or spazzing over at the concert or yeah maybe at school during the live broadcast you can also watch the recorded ones. It will be uploaded as VODs on the show's website.

For live updates you can follow the official Twitter-Facebook accounts of ASC or me! I'll be covering the show as a photographer and as a reporter-blogger ^^ (@jmsupercute)

Here's After School Club's Logo Songs

Eric Nam and another close friend of mine Shayne Orok! (Trivia: Shanye is also from the Birth of the Star. He's also a singer and a composer! Follow him on Twitter @shayneorok)

Hanbyul and Led Apple team (I know where they filmed this video and... it's kinda funny because it looks different in the video kkk )


  1. thanks for sharing this..because i'm a big fan of hope you can visit me here..

  2. the logo song was pretty good. they sang pretty cool. thanks for your information. :)

    btw its just me or Han Byul looks like BAP's Zelo? :p

    1. when he raps, he even sounds like zelo. yep. pretty much grown-up zelo

  3. I'm glad someone agrees with me ! Their both so cute

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