Sunday, June 24, 2012

SNU Global Scholarship Program (Korea)

Just saw this posted on my FB days ago. My school is offering this very nice scholarship! Nice because of the benefits! Probably the highest in any scholarships offered by a Korean university. Plus SNU is the best university in Korea (ehem haha). The applications for the SNU Global Scholarship Program just open so grab this opportunity and study in Korea's best university! ^^v 
The Seoul National University (SNU) has announced the new SNU Global Scholarship Program for graduate students. It covers tuition fee waiver, round-trip airfare, monthly allowance of KRW1.2 million (which include accommodation and other expenses).

Graduate students must first apply for admission to SNU’s graduate programs. Their website is The application is now open until August 2, 2012. Announcement of successful applicants will be on November 9, 2012. The following fields are open: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, Natural Science, Nursing, Graduate School of Public Health, Graduate school of Public Administration, Graduate School of International Studies.

Those who have received admission can then apply for the SNU Global Scholarship through the Office of International Affairs (c/o Ms. Jina Yoo: starting November 10 up to November 30, 2012 for March 2013 entrance. Students will be notified by e-mail of the final results of the said scholarship on December 28, 2012. Once granted the scholarship, it may be renewed on an academic semester basis; the recipients must maintain an average grade point level of 3.0/4.3.

Copies of the SNU Global Scholarship form and SNU’s electronic brochure can be obtained from our office or by writing to Ms. Jina Yoo at her e-mail stated above. Students can also leave their e-mail addresses below so that we can e-mail those.

Please take note that applicants should apply first to the graduate program and receive admission to their program of choice before they become qualified to apply for the scholarship. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

BtoB’s Eunkwang is Sunnyhill’s Kota’s younger brother?

Had this really fun experience during the recording of Studio C two weeks ago. I was gonna tell Eunkwang that he looks like a younger brother of Kota, a member of the girl group Sunnyhill. But I couldn’t for some reasons. Hahaha. However, during the recording some members of BtoB, I think specifically Sungjae said Eunkwang looks like Sunnyhill’s rapper Kota. Everyone in the studio bursted into laughter. In my mind I was like, I knew it I wasn't the only one. Hahaha. Sungjae said it after Eunkwang applied lipstick as part of the “irresistible lips” challenge on the said episode. Anyway, so there you go Eunkwang and Kota is the Part 3 of my "Look Alike Korean Celebrities" entries. By the way they’re not siblings or blood related. It's just for title sake.

Part 1 Part 2 )

Friday, June 15, 2012

Taste Of Money (Korean movie)

I've been waiting for this movie to be released since I know some people who took part of the movie. And the movie is a product of one of my most respected Korean film directors, Im Sangsoo.  The movie definitely had this "Housemaid" feel, also one of Im's lauded films in the international arena.   

Synopsis (Asian Wiki)
              "The Taste of Money" deals with the world of the wealthiest of "Chaebul" families and their desires, love, hatred, sex and murder ... Young-Jak (Kim Kang-Woo) has worked for CEO Yoon (Baek Yun-Shik) for the past 10 years. He graduated from a prestigious university, but beckons at the call of CEO Yoon everyday. (check trailer below) 
               CEO Yoon is married to Baek Geum-Ok (Yoon Yeo-Jung), the daughter of the wealthiest man in Korea. They have a daughter Na-Mi (Kim Hyo-Jin) and a son Cheol (On Joo-Wan). Due to their extreme wealth, the family wields virtually unlimited power in Korea. Their daughter Na-Mi is the only person that disagrees with her family's actions.
               Meanwhile, CEO Yoon did not marry Geum-Ok because of love, but rather because of her wealth. For virtually his entire life he has worked for Geum-Ok and her father. Throughout this time, CEO Yoon has felt humiliated. Now, CEO Yoon wants to leave Geum-Ok and her family. Yoon is in love with their Filipino housemaid Eva (Maui Taylor) and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Geum-Ok has no doubt that she will have her husband back.
               After CEO Yoon leaves, Young-Jak takes over his role in the family. He too soon becomes addicted to the taste of money ...

I personally like how the movie was made. The casting is perfect, lines are superb and I like the representations made in the movie. Although some people, may have a problem with how the Filipina maid was portrayed. The role by the way was played by a Filipina actress, Maui Taylor. She relatively had a lot of flesh exposures in the movie too and her acting was good. The casts perfectly portrayed their roles and if you understand Korean well, I'm sure you'll find the lines more interesting.  The cinematography is smooth. I like how the shots and angles were carefully decided and I think the editing is flawless too. I wish I can be as good as them. Another interesting thing is the scene where the Madam Baek was forcing Young Jak to engage in a sexual intercourse. It surprised a lot of moviegoers, especially girls. I remember when I watched the movie, girls were saying "Noooo" and "Oh my God" during that scene. (Check this for the rated R trailer) 

2013 Art Major Full Scholarship (Korea)

Korea National University of Arts (K Arts) is now accepting applications for the
2013 Art Major Full Scholarship!!
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, & Sports, Republic of Korea

K Arts is the most prestigious learning institution for the arts here in Korea. So if you're into this field this is your chance! 

■ Selection provision
Deadlines : July 31, 2012
o Application Form attached.
- All the necessary and required documents, personally delivered by the university, must arrive at K'Arts by the deadlines.
o Address
Korea National University of Arts
Office of External Affairs
Seokgwan-dong Campus, 146-37 Hwarang-ro 32-gil, Seongbuk-Gu, Seokgwan-Dong,
Seoul, South Korea
- For inquiry please contact: Tel : 822 746 9073, fax : 822 746 9079

■ Types of Degree Program : Bachelor's and Master's degrees

■ Period and Amount of Scholarships
- For bachelor's: Up to four (five for architecture major)years
with an award of 18 million won each year per student
- For master's: Up to two (three for 3 year program) years
with an award of 18 million won each year per student
-AMA Scholarship offers university tuition waive, Korean language program provision,
living expenses, provision of housing and flight expenses, etc.
-For the continuation of the stipend support, the selected students should maintain the academic record of B or above for each and every semesters throughout the scholarship period

■Condition of AMA Scholarship
- Provision of Living Expenses: 700,000won is granted every month.
- Tuition Waive: 3,000,000won per semester is waived.
- 5 Month Korean Language Tuition Waive: 3,000,000won is provided.
- Provision of Dormitory: 390,000won per semester.
*Please note that Dormitory fee is included in the provision of living expenses.
- Travel Expenses: One round trip flight tickets.
- Cultural field trips, extracurriculum programs are all provided for the AMA student.

■ Qualifications for the Scholarship
- Applicants recommend by the rector (president) of the university graduated or attending. or head of government-approved organizations, companies and art related institutions, etc.
- Applicants with outstanding artistic talents, gifted skills and an excellent academic record.
- Applicants recommended by the government, or ministries, or embassies of Korea or University president or head of art and culture related organization.
** Those who speak Korean language is highly preferred.

■ Eligible Applicant Country
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Laos, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Kyrgizstan, Tibet, Turkey
Starting from 2013, Africa, Latin and South America countries are included!

For more details and application form, check K Arts

Photos: Jung So Min (BA Theater Arts)
             Cherish Maningat Bae (MFA Directing)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Boy group F.I.X logo making contest!

F.I.X will be having their comeback really really soon so to fans out there get ready! Was talking to Nuri earlier and he told me about this small event they prepared for their fans ^^ Make a LOGO you think would fit F.I.X ^^ the deadline is 22nd (next Friday). If your entry got selected they'll invite you to have meal with them ^^ So what are you waiting for? Time to unleash that creativity and Polaris-ness in you! Visit the Daum Cafe site for more information ( It's in Korean and I guess you'll have to be in Korea too. But anyway just join who knows? ^^

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Backstage with B1A4

Through my work I've personally encountered B1A4 many times. Since their debut, to the time when they reaped almost all the year-end rookie awards up to their most recent comeback with the single "Baby Good Night." So I'll have this entry regarding my encounters with them
First Interview
      Last year I met them backstage in a music show's recording. At that time they were already considered one of the most promising rookie groups. When they arrived they were wearing this colorful outfits which made them really outstanding. We went inside their waiting room to start the short interview. They suddenly counted 1-2-3 and greeted us 안녕하세요 B1A4입니다. A greeting usually done by all idol groups. Since they were new, before meeting them I've researched their names and some whereabouts about them. Then I explained to them what to do. I was actually only talking to the leader Jinyoung while other members were just listening and nodding. Then they planned how to answer or do the interview. They practiced their greetings and there were few bloopers which made the interview funny.

      After the interview I talked to CNU and told him that my friend at school was his classmate in high school. So he suddenly got excited. I told him who and he said it's nice to know. In Korea the concept friend means you have to be in the same age with the person. Since I look way older than CNU, Jinyoung was like "How did it happen?" with a smile in his face almost telling me "you look way older than CNU you can't be in the same age?" So I told him CNU's friend is my hoobae (junior) at school. So they were like "Ahhhh!" Jinyoung asked me where I study and then when I answered them they said wow again. Sandeul asked CNU Hyung you have a friend who studies at SNU? Daebak. (FYI: SNU is known as the best university in Korea)
Second (long) encounter
        Most encounters I have with them are just hellos and byes or depending on the event I don't even get a chance to greet them since as a reporter I just go to the event to take pictures. But the other week I was able to talk to them again. I didn't interview them so the encounter was in a more relaxed environment. Talked to CNU again. He was like this "Oh! How are you? It has been a long time." He asked how's his friend doing at school. He said he also wanted to meet his friend if he could find some time.  We also talked about the I Need a Fairy sitcom where he was part of. CNU is actually very polite in person. When I asked him why he got thinner he said he got sick and busy for their comeback.

   Gongchan in the washroom? If you're a female reporter then probably you'll not have this experience. hehe. The first time I met the group I don't know but every time I go to the washroom Gongchan was also there or I got in the washroom first and he also gets in after few seconds. Since it happened many times I think the last time it happened we just laughed inside the washroom. Then the other week, strangely it happened again. hahaha. We talk for a bit after that. The faucet inside wasn't working at that time so we were trying to figure out to make it work. Gongchan is actually very quiet even backstage. He just sits in the corner but sometimes his funny side comes out like the one you saw in the article about him imitating G-Dragon and role playing as a bartender.

   I uploaded a video of Baro speaking English before so I told him about it. He just laughed. Then I told him about his English lines in the new song. He laughed again and said he needs to practice more. Sandeul on the other hand I guess is the funniest member. He's close to all the staff at the set and he's an aegyo boy, making everyone inside the studio smile and laugh every time he greets.
     By the way CNU practices these lines all the time 오늘 하루만 그댈 속일게.... 오늘이 지나면 돌아갈게...." backstage. Sometimes he will just sing those lines out of the blue. In the case if Jinyoung, we talked a lot the first time we met but when I saw them the other week I wasn't able to. And to be honest I have nothing to ask him. So if you're reading this, maybe you could put some questions below and I'll ask him next time we meet. hehe Anyway so that's it for now. I don't know which celebrity I'll feature next time I find time kkk

Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival

Here's another chance to visit Korea for free and mingle with your K-Pop idols! Now on its second year, the biggest cover dance festival in the world is again open for applications! Yep this is the biggest for many reasons. I was able to witness the first season of this competition as part of the press last year and it was indeed a meaningful experience. It was my first exposure backstage with K-Pop celebrities and that was the time I realize that more and more people outside Korea get interested in this "genre" of music.

The boys you're seeing in the main poster are from Russia who covered B2ST's "Shock" in last year's competition. They grabbed the gold and honestly their performance was awesome. 

Why join the contest?
If you love dancing and you've already been doing K-Pop cover dance for some time now this is the perfect timing you've been waiting for. The prizes are just overwhelming.

Experience Korea. 
You can come to Korea for free! Yep everything! And you will be staying in a very nice hotel (star). Last year they stayed at Gyeongju Hilton (where I also stayed yay!). Before the competition proper you will arrive days earlier for because there are other activities schedules for you. You will feel like a star.

Meet your favorite K-Pop stars!
Yep! Last year before the competition proper, the finalists met Sistar, Boyfriend and K-Will. They even had some sort of session with K-Will. Then during the competition itself they were joined by many many groups on stage like Girls' Generation, T-Ara, B2ST, B1A4, Rania, Chocolat, Sistar, 4Minute, MBLAQ and more! Look at the picture above. The ones at the back are idol groups and contestants! Many of the contestants were able to dance their cover with the original idol groups themselves. If you want that to happen then you should definitely join the contest! I took some pictures through my phone at that time so it's not that clear but anyway here are some pics. I was able to interview Lee Joon of MBLAQ, YB, Rania and Chocolat at that time. And also talked to B2ST Kigwang and Dongwoon inside the washroom hahahaha.  

By the way, the winning group also performed during the Hallyu Dream Concert itself just like real K-Pop stars together with other idol groups. It was watched by thousands of fans and visitors inside Gyeongju stadium and was also aired on TV. Visit the official website for detailed instructions! HERE

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sing a K-Pop song and win 10 million won ^^

Here's another good news to all "migrants" in Korea! If you enjoy K-Pop songs and you think you got what it takes to be like those Korean idols, then this is your chance ^^ 

2012 Migrant's Song Festival is now accepting competitors who enjoy singing K-Pop. all migrants are welcome to enter and participate at the festival, in which the grand prize winner will take home 10 million won.

The preliminary round runs from 1-5pm on June 17th at Gyeongdong Church in Seoul. The second and third rounds are slated for August and September respectively in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province. Those who wish to participate in the festoval should submit an application form and an mp3 file of their song choice to by June 10th. 

For more information and the application form please click HERE

Source: Korea Herald