Wednesday, February 19, 2014

VIXX on After School Club

Finally I find time to make an entry about VIXX on After School Club. As many of you know, VIXX members were special guests on the show last June 5th, yep 2013, so last year... (Check HERE for the video)... It was their first time to guest on the show and as you can see in their costumes, they were still promoting Hyde at that time (correct me if I'm wrong though).
VIXX is probably considered one of the most popular K-Pop groups these days. Literally, the group is already part of the "elite circle." By elite circle I mean, K-Pop groups that make all the news, groups you always see on TV shows-dramas etc. Needless to say, I am really proud of what they've achieved though. I could personally attest that they've worked so hard.
VIXX is one of those groups I'm friends with. It's hard to say since they're "celebrities" and I'm just a nobody. I've known them ever since their trainee days not because I'm a stalker/ sasaeng fan or something (haha) but because some members were Brian Joo's back up dancers before. Leo, Ravi and N to be exact. I was already working in one of Brian's shows at that time. Back then I got to talked to them backstage. Ravi told me they'll be debuting soon..this and that... and the next thing I know they were having this myDOL reality show-ish on Mnet. I remember the teaser of the show was very popular HERE see it for yourself.
Back then, even when they were doing the backup dancer gig, Leo was already popular to the girls like even when Brian was performing the young girls would scream for Leo (haha..uhm). Anyway so yeah many things happened...We've met several times backstage on many many shows. I've became closer to Ken and Hongbin since they've always been really kind and always the first one to approach me and greet and say what's up or anything. FYI Ken's brother also sings really really good according to him, Ken. (But I guess all Starlights out there already know).
I've also interviewed them before (HERE) days before N's birthday. (Forgive me it was one of my first interviews so editing sucks big time ㅠㅠ).
Anyway so yeah... I'll tell more stories next time haha... for the meantime enjoy the pics!


  1. good pictures thanks!